Jaxon is 1!








I can’t believe that Jaxon is already 1! I just had to have this gas pump for his one year pics. Then I found that motorcycle outfit at the BabyGap and had to buy him that! I just love playing dress up. Happy Birthday Mr. Baby!!

Spring @ Riverwoods

It’s been such a busy week.  I am sorry that it took me so long to get these edited, Kim. It was so beautiful up at Riverwoods.  I just loved all of the blossoms on the trees! There are tons of pics of Karter. I just can’t resist the tiny tots! He’s so dang cute!

Such dainty, well mannered ladies…


You can never have enough pics of your kids, right? Especially if you are a photographer.  That’s why I got into photography, because  I wanted the pics I took of my kids to look really great.

I was not pleased with Carly’s Birthday pics at the Orchard. The lighting wasn’t good, the  blossoms were practically gone, and I hated the way she got her bangs cut the day before. So, I had to do retakes. We just went to this cute little house. I loved the way the wind blew her hair around, and she just played liked I wasn’t even there.  She is such an awesome little model.

Carly’s Luau

Carly got the American Girl, Kanani, for her birthday.  She is a Hawaiian doll. She wanted to have a Luau birthday party.  So, naturally, I had to take some theme pics for the invite. She is such a little model/poser, I don’t ever have to tell her what to do.  She just starts posing.  I did have to bribe her, though.  It was pretty cold that day.  I told her I would buy her a treat if she pretended she wasn’t cold.  She did a great job.

Here’s the cute invitation.  I took the address off for the post.


We went out the the Orchard for Carly’s birthday pics,and some Easter/Spring Pics. I made Annie bring her kids.  It’s much more fun with a group! We were disappointed in the Orchard. They cut down tons of trees. We have been waiting for the rain to stop. So, by the time we finally got out there, most of the blossoms were gone. Oh well, They are cute kids anyway!


Sorry about the long post, but I couldn’t resist. I drug my kids out to Harrisburg to  scope out a new location for an Engagement shoot I have coming up. After much complaining from the kids, and me bribing with Pizza Factory for dinner, we managed to get some pics.  And, I love them!! I am thrilled with so many. I was so excited to actually see some green weeds, and the  background is beautiful.  Thanks kids! I owe you!


We have been into purple quite a bit lately. Rapunzel on Tangled may have started this phase. There has been tons of cute dresses in it lately. Thanks for working with me.

Tiny Dancers

Hallie and Carly started Ballet this week. They were so excited.  I had to take some fun pics of them. Carly is in Ballet 1 now, and wears the light blue.  It looks so pretty with her eyes.  Hallie looks so sweet in the traditional pink.  Her brown eyes just pop.

We had to throw happy, Mr. Baby in for some pics.  What a ham!