California Vinyard Wedding

















I had the opportunity to go to San Luis Obispo, Ca. with Malea of “Of My Affection” photography to help photograph this wedding. We had so much fun. This couple was so beautiful. The bride, Brittany, had this cute daughter that got to feel like the center of attention herself. Brittany had every little detail planned out. We loved the guys shoes. They had special Adidas made in the wedding colors, and had their names and date put on them. I loved the colors, and the vinyards, and everything. It was so much fun!

Princess & the Pea Mini Sessions


I had a newborn girl shoot, and had my princess and the pea set up out. These girls mom’s had asked me to let them know when I was doing it again. So, I had these cuties come for mini sessions. It was so fun. I just love the bright colors, and the girlie girl stuff. If you are interested in doing this, just give me a call for prices and I can set another one up. 435-862-7367, Amber


When Carly got home from school and saw I was taking these pics, she ran and changed. She made me take these between sessions. She’s too funny.






Mr. J


While babysitting my nephew, Mr. Jaxon, what else is there to do but take some pics. I can’t believe he is 17 months old. He is growing up way to fast. We love you, big guy!


Garrett is 11



I can’t believe that Garrett is 11. He is getting so tall this year, too. CRAZY! We took quite a hike to find this place for pics. I had to shoot a few of Carly, too. Happy Birthday G!